WE BUY HOUSES Contemporary living room featuring a brown sectional sofa, striped rug, and wooden TV console. WE SELL HOUSES Workers and large trucks with machinery for house removal at night. WE MOVE HOUSES SALES@REMOVALHOMES.CO.NZ CALL US: 027 459 9386

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      若有任何询问,请发送电子邮件至 sales@removalhomes.co.nz 联系我们的销售团队,或拨打我们各分支的电话并与我们的专家交谈。订阅我们每月发行的宣传册并在新房源上市前,享受独家早鸟预览。

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      “I develop properties and Haines purchased two houses from me recently. They removed the houses ahead of time and were prompt with payment. A very professional team and a pleasure to work with. Cheers.”

      Mr. Dent

      “We purchased a house from Haines having never done a project like this before. I was nervous at the start because my section is out of town but there was no pressure and they help me whenever I needed it. Thanks”

      Mary C

      “We found that Haines were really open and knowledgeable. They were able to talk to us through a clear process so we were able to understand what we were getting into and what we would get out at the end.”

      Lisa G

      “What a great team you all are. From you in the office, Virgil, Karl and the boys delivering and working on our house! We are so appreciative of all your efforts and hard work. We would not hesitate to use you again!”

      Lee-Ann & Ian

      Frans d'Arnaud
      Frans d'Arnaud
      28 June 2023
      Friendly service
      Dennis Anderson
      Dennis Anderson
      14 June 2022
      Sonny Taneiterangi Cherrington
      Sonny Taneiterangi Cherrington
      13 February 2022
      House raised on stilts for removal, surrounded by trees and plants.

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      Real estate agents have a saying that we’ve all heard many times

      “It’s all about location, location, location”.

      With New Zealand’s ever-tightening housing market, this saying has never been more relevant. When people buy homes, their first deciding factor is the home’s location. You can compromise on the house, but you can never compromise on the location. This may be due to simple things such as it being…

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      +64 27 459 9386