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But for many Kiwis, getting a foot onto the property ladder can prove to be a challenge. What many are not aware of is a potential shortcut – Fenton House Removals! There are often times when homeowners love their location but outgrow their house. In these instances, it would be a complete shame to demolish the older home, after all, it may be the perfect home for someone else.

This is where Fenton House Removals comes in. We buy, sell and move houses. We are New Zealand’s leading experts in the process of relocating buildings from one site to another, providing Kiwis with more options to get into New Zealand’s property market.

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There are many reasons why you may choose to invest in Fenton House Removals as opposed to buying an existing home or building one. In some instances, it may prove to not only be time-saving when compared to building a new home but also significantly cheaper. Couple this with the ability to own a slice of New Zealand’s rich architectural history – victorian style villas and bungalows built using quality materials and building techniques that just aren’t found in modern builds.



Moving a house from one site to another may seem like a Herculean task – but don’t worry, Fenton House Removals covers the entire process, taking care of everything from the buying of the home, to the necessary consents, earthworks and placing the home on its brand new piles.


Curious about Fenton House Removals? Come see them for yourself!

If you are new to the idea of removable and relocatable homes, you’re probably under the assumption that the type of home you can buy is quite limited. We’re happy to inform you that this couldn’t be further from the truth! Fenton House Removal has an incredible range of stock available right now, with a variety of different styles at a range of prices certain to suit any budget.


我们的库存包括维多利亚式别墅和平房 - 这些房屋具有丰富的历史,现代建筑技术无法复制。这些房屋采用定制设计,常常用本地硬木装饰,不仅使它们非常珍贵,还是新西兰历史上美丽的瞬间的壮举。我们为能够提供保存这些代表着新西兰风情的房屋而感到非常自豪。


Additionally, we also carry a range of more modern builds that are just as impressive in their own right. These buildings often feature open-plan layouts, upgrading the interior finishes and amenities to bring them up to a modern standard. Whatever your tastes or budgets, Fenton House Removals is sure to have something you’ll love!

But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself! Come and visit our yard at 2 Garfield Road, Helensville, Auckland 0800. We have a range of stock on display for you to check out. Save yourself weekends of travelling from open home to open home, looking for your next home. Visit our yard and see an extensive range of Fenton House Removals all in one convenient place, or head to our website to see our 最新列表.


Location, Location, Location.




Fenton House Removals offers a free site consultation to get the ball rolling on your home relocation project.




That is why it is important to seek out an experienced company with a track record of successful house removals. Here at Fenton House Removals, we are proud to have more than 30 years of experience in relocating homes safely and efficiently all over New Zealand. Our team of specialists is ready to answer your questions and provide you with the best guidance for making sure your relocation project goes off without a hitch.

Fenton House Removals is here for the entire house moving process, from idea to planning, through to execution, we can project manage the entire experience to ensure that you get to sit back and enjoy the experience.

So, whether you have already purchased a home or are still in the process of searching, make sure that you consider Fenton House Removals as your preferred house relocation company. Contact us today to learn more!




Having an expert eye in the form of a second-hand building report to assess the home to make sure it is strong is not only highly recommended, but may even be required for your building consent. This often means that older homes made with native hardwoods are ideal for relocation. In addition to this, make sure that you are keeping the layout of the house in relation to its new site in mind, as well as the site’s consent.

When assessing the layout of the home, take the time to note what renovations may need to be made, which areas of the home would receive the most sunlight, how does the glow of the house work with its placement. With these factors in mind, it may make sense to reconfigure the layout of the home to maximize its potential.

At Fenton House Removals, we know that your dream home is out there – it’s just a matter of finding it. We have access to an extensive range of relocatable houses all over New Zealand, so no matter what your taste, you are sure to find the perfect house for your next relocation project.

We have a range of different price ranges and sizes on offer.

Have peace of mind in knowing that the house you are buying has been checked by our team and certified safe for relocation.



The physical act of preparing the site and moving the house is only half of the process. There are a few additional important factors that need to be accounted for in order to assure a successful home relocation process.

By partnering with an experienced home moving company like Fenton House Removals, you are taking all the necessary steps in ensuring that all your ducks are in a row when it comes to the due diligence and administration side of your home relocation project.













At Fenton House Removals, we understand that home relocations can be a complex process. We have built our reputation on meticulous care and attention to detail in order to make sure that each project is a success.

We provide full service for all aspects of the move and can facilitate the process of obtaining building consents and resource consents, providing geotechnical solutions, drafting and surveying, insurance and transportation. You can take advantage of Fenton House Removals trusted partners in facilitating the consent process for $6500+GST (excluding council costs).


The expert team at Fenton House Removals can help guide your home moving project from the start

By getting our team involved as early as possible, you are able to tap into Fenton House Removals expert knowledge in the best course of action for your home relocation project. We offer a free site visit, delivering a detailed report on the potential move and outlining potential risks, achievable outcomes and costs associated with the project. We can provide advice on design elements such as orientation, site access, earthworks planning and building foundations which will save you time and money in the long run.




We also use state-of-the-art equipment that has been tested for quality assurance with strict safety and maintenance standards. All of this ensures that your move is conducted in the safest possible way, so you can rest easy knowing that your relocation project will be done correctly, with care and with a safe worksite being a number one priority of Fenton House Removals.

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Fenton House Removals has been involved in the sale, purchase and relocation of homes throughout New Zealand for over 30 years. We are dedicated to helping homeowners move their homes with ease and safety, whether they need just a single unit moved or multiple buildings across different locations. No matter what your situation is, Fenton House Removals will strive to provide the best and safest services possible. Fenton House Removals covers the entire relocation process – from purchasing a house from our diverse and wide range of stock, auditing the site, planning the move and applying for all the correct consents and permits, arranging the necessary site preparation, and moving the home to its new location and fixing it to its brand new piles. At Fenton House Removals, we make home relocation projects a smooth and enjoyable experience.

If you are thinking of starting on your house relocation journey, or are after any additional information, get in contact with the expert team at Fenton House Removals today!


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      Fenton House Removals has over 30 years of experience buying, selling, and relocating homes. We look after the entire process, starting from the initial consultation all the way through to placing homes on their new piles in their new location. If you’re considering selling your home for relocation, get in contact with our knowledgeable team. Our sales staff and assessors can look over your home and figure out a fair valuation that is sure to work for you. If you are after any more information, feel free to call or email us.

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