The places we choose to call home are so much more than just a house. There’s a reason why the real estate industry chants that it is all about “location, location, location”. While the physical house plays an important role in our living, often what draws us initially to purchase a home is where it’s located. Whether that is because of the surrounding community, access to school, work, or an incredible section of land with a view, often the most unique part of our home is where it is… and the potential that location has.

After all, you can always rebuild a home, but you can’t relocate the perfect section of land.

Why Would You Want to Sell Your Home For Removal?

There are many reasons why someone may choose to sell their home for relocation. As Auckland’s housing infrastructure becomes increasingly densified, finding a section of land in the ever-growing city is becoming harder and harder. If you have been so fortunate to find this diamond in the rough, you may find it worth your while you hang onto.

But what happens if you have outgrown your house, or are looking for something more modern and unique to suit your needs? Selling the home on your section for relocation is a great means of holding onto the land you love while injecting capital into your next project. This next project may be building a new home to suit your personal needs or maximising the use of your section for development. Whatever your reason is, making space by relocating your existing home can get the ball rolling with your balance books in the green.

Preserving New Zealand History

New Zealand has a rich history of Victorian-style villas and bungalows. They are from a by-gone era and represent Aotearoa’s early roots. While these buildings may no longer meet some people’s perceived modern standards, there is an inherent beauty to these older homes. The choice of woods, carpentry, joinery, and craftsmanship are all elements that have the potential to be lost with modern technologies and methodologies. Every one of these homes was built to be unique, as quick turnover developments just didn’t exist. Every single house had its own personality.

The caveat to this is that many of these homes require a bit of TLC and a lack of some of the standard modern-day conveniences that just don’t suit some people. This is perfectly fine. For some people, these houses are an opportunity to own a piece of New Zealand history, to get in touch with their roots, and this is enough motivation for them to put in the time and effort to maintain and restore these buildings. While some people crave modernity, others find peace in memories of the past.

Removal Homes sees the value in preserving these homes. Home relocation makes sure that, rather than being demolished to make way for new developments, these homes find their way into the lives of those who can appreciate the history that comes along with them.

Determining the Value of Your House To Sell For Relocation

Similar to any real estate sale process, the value of selling your home for relocation depends on a number of factors. There are obvious aesthetic and practical elements such as the size of the house, the materials used, its age, and overall condition. How many rooms does the house have? How many stories? Is it made from native hardwoods? These are just some of the features that will influence the overall price of the house.

Because many of the houses we reallocate are older homes, there is also the need to check them for asbestos. This can sometimes be under vinyl flooring or in ceilings. A home with asbestos can still be sold, but due to the careful nature of handling such homes, this will affect the price of the home.

Finally, a factor that is unique to relocating a home – moving the house itself. Depending on the home, it may need to be split into multiple sections and these sections may require additional structural bracing to be installed to ensure it arrives at its final location undamaged. The move itself can also pose a few obstacles in relation to driveway access, what machinery and equipment are required to get the home off its piles, power lines, etc. Removal Homes can handle moving almost any house, however, some pose more challenges than others.

Preparing Your Home For Removal

While moving a home can seem like a mammoth task, the preparation on your part is quite minimal. To prepare for a smooth move, it’s your responsibility to remove furniture, fittings, and chattels. From here, you can leave it to the team at Removal Homes.

The standard process for us to relocate a single-story home is dividing it into sections. This may not be required for a small home, but the vast majority need to be split into one or two sections to facilitate an easy move. 

The Advantages of Selling Your Home For Relocation

There are many advantages to selling your home for relocation. It gives you the opportunity to reclaim your section and use it for something that is fit for purpose for your current needs. This may be taking advantage of the property market by creating space to subdivide for developments, or just to make room for a new build for your house.

Whatever your reason for selling your home for relocation, chances are your next step is going to require cash flow. Creating space by demolishing an older home is a cost to you while selling the home can make you money. This money can be used to help fund your next venture or project.

There’s also the idea of helping out your fellow Kiwi. While your home may no longer suit you, it may be the perfect home for someone else. With New Zealand’s short supply of housing, it just makes sense to save these homes, especially if they are historic or heritage buildings. By selling your home for relocation, you are contributing to a more sustainable housing market while preserving New Zealand’s history at the same time.

Trust The Experts At Removal Homes

Removal Homes has over 30 years of experience buying, selling, and relocating homes. We look after the entire process, starting from the initial consultation all the way through to placing homes on their new piles in their new location. If you’re considering selling your home for relocation, get in contact with our knowledgeable team. Our sales staff and assessors can look over your home and figure out a fair valuation that is sure to work for you. If you are after any more information, feel free to give us a call on  09 416 7026 or email us at