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We Buy, Sell & Move Homes

Haines House Haulage Co Ltd has been moving buildings for over 45 years. The company was started by Rod Haines who is still actively involved in all aspects of the operation from towing buildings to foundation work, buying, selling and technical advice. This experience is invaluable if you have a building or site which is a little different than the normal.

Our Sales team can be contacted anytime regarding any enquiries. For enquiries on any Auckland houses (South of Wellsford) contact sales on 0274 599386 or 09 4167026, and for any Northland/Whangarei houses (North of Wellsford) contact sales on 027 538 7229 or (09)4357285.

Our salespeople can help you select a house that is suitable for your site and within your budget. We have a full range of houses and other buildings available so please don’t hesitate to call our sales team now to discuss your requirements.

Please note that not all our houses are in the display yards, a lot of our houses are still on their original sites so please call and we will arrange a viewing.

We can also assist you with site plans and alterations, permit applications and technical problems.

Haines House Haulage also purchases homes for removal so if you have a house that you’re thinking of shifting then please give us a call.

Our staff are some of the most experienced in the business and have been with the company for over 20 years. They have a wealth of experience when it comes to moving buildings and have shifted all types from some very large and difficult villas to modern style larger homes.

There are 2 display yards, 180 Fred Taylor Drive, Whenuapai (the old State Highway 16) in Auckland and 131 Saleyards Rd, Kauri Whangarei.

Auckland main yard and Head Office:

180 Fred Taylor Drive, Whenuapai
Phone: 416 7026
0274 599386

Whangarei Yard and Office:

131 Saleyards Rd Kauri Whangarei
Phone: 09 4357285
027 5387229 Main Road Kauri

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