The relocation of a home requires meticulous planning, with site preparation being a big step. At Fenton House Removals, we understand the nuances involved in readying your site for the arrival of your new home. Use this as a guide to ensure your land is ready for its latest addition.

Introduction to Removable Home Site Preparation

Site preparation is the foundation of a successful home removal and relocation process. It involves several crucial steps to ensure the land is ready to support your home, from clearing the site to laying a stable foundation. Proper site preparation is vital for the longevity and safety of your relocatable home, setting the stage for a seamless transition.

Site Evaluation and Clearance

The initial phase involves a thorough evaluation of your land. 

This includes a visit from our team to assess the site access, driveway/road access and any potential obstructions which could impede the relocation process. You will be required to have these cleared and ready for removal day.


During this phase, it is great to acquire a Geotech report. This will cover the terrain and soil conditions to show whether you’ll require standard foundations or something more suited to your land requirements.

Foundation Preparation

A solid foundation is crucial for the structure of your removable home. Our team can help get you in contact with companies that specialise in ground levelling, excavation and making necessary adjustments to cater to the specific needs of your home. This preparation guarantees a stable foundation ready for your removal date.


Permit/Consent Assistance

Wherever you relocate your home, you will need a Council Building Consent. Navigating the maze of permits and consents can be daunting. Fenton House Removals offers guidance and support in obtaining the right Draughtsman and necessary permits for your site preparation and home relocation project. Our expertise simplifies this process, ensuring all legal requirements are met without delay.

FAQs and Common Concerns

What does site preparation involve?

  • Site preparation includes evaluating and clearing the land, preparing the foundation,  clearing access roads, and assisting with permits.

How can I ensure my land is ready for a removable home?

  • Engaging with our expert team for a comprehensive site evaluation and preparation plan is your best approach to guarantee your land is ready.

Your Journey with Fenton House Removals

Choosing Fenton House Removals means partnering with a team that brings over three decades of expertise in removable home relocations. We are committed to preparing your land and providing a sturdy and reliable foundation for your new home.

For further details on our site preparation services and to explore more about same-site relocation and pile foundations, visit our dedicated pages:


The path to preparing your site for a relocatable home can seem overwhelming, but with Fenton House Removals NZ, you are in capable hands. Our comprehensive services, from site evaluation to permit assistance, ensure that your land will be the perfect foundation for your new home.