Buying and Selling Existing Buildings can be a Cost and Time-Saving Solution For Developers

Fenton House Removals Are New Zealand's Leading Building Relocation Specialists for Developers

With New Zealanders’ ever increasing demand for housing, it comes as no surprise that many suburban areas are densifying to meet the needs of Kiwis. In many cases, this means that sections with existing buildings and homes have to be repurposed, whether that’s through subdividing to add more homes, or building upwards rather than outwards.

This usually means clearing the section. Many developers will choose to demolish the existing buildings. Removal Homes offers a better solution – sell the home or building to us, and we will remove it from the site.

Fenton House Removals has been buying, selling and moving homes for over 30 years. We are New Zealand’s experts in the entire relocation process – we take care of purchasing the building, removing it from the site, and storing it in our yard in Whenuapai before selling and relocating it to its new owners.

So if you’re a developer looking to speed up your project, partner with Fenton House Removals and let us purchase the homes on the existing site. Not only will you skip the costly demolition process, but selling to Removal Homes will put more money into your pocket.

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Easy and Cost-Effective

Fenton House Removals makes it easy and cost-effective to sell your buildings rather than demolish them. We offer a hassle-free process for selling your buildings, acting as your real estate brokerage, and helping you to save money and time on your project. We provide a fair price for each building and have the tools and personnel to take care of the entire removal process – allowing you to maximise your profits and minimise costs.

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Highly Experienced, Professional Home Relocation

Our professional team of removal experts cover the entire home removal process. We start with a site visit, to assess the best course of action to start the project and provide a quotation. Our team is highly trained in every step of the process, drawing on Fenton House Removals’s 30+ years of experience to streamline the project. Removal Homes has all the heavy equipment and specialised tools with incredibly proficient operators, ensuring that each building is safely and securely removed, helping you to complete your project with ease.

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An Elegant Solution For Real Estate Sellers

Fenton House Removals offers developers a quick and cost-effective solution for selling existing buildings on their property rather than demolishing them. This process eliminates the need for expensive demolition costs and allows developers to make money from the sale of these structures and houses. Fenton House Removals’ efficient service integrates easily into any development project.

For developers looking to get their projects started quickly and efficiently, Removal Homes allows them to sell their homes fast.

Fenton House Removals Also Supplies Buildings For Developers

Fenton House Removals covers the entire spectrum of house and building relocation, meaning we sell homes that are perfect to repurpose for new developments. Developers can save time by choosing to buy relocatable homes and buildings from Fenton House Removals instead of constructing them outright. This can cut down construction times significantly as Fenton House Removals is also able to provide earthworks, the building moving process, and installation and placement of the relocatable home or structure onto brand-new set of foundational piles.

Participating in Sustainable Building practices

Removal Homes is a sustainable housing solution that allows developers to reuse existing buildings instead of resorting to demolition or building anew. This helps reduce waste and energy consumption associated with traditional construction projects, allowing for more eco-friendly practices in the real estate industry.

New Zealand has a rich architectural history. Many of these buildings have incredible bones, often requiring little to no renovation. By working with Removal Homes, developers have access to sustainable solutions that help lessen their environmental impact and preserve New Zealand’s history while still allowing them to make money off existing buildings on their property. Furthermore, they can ensure that they’re contributing to efforts towards a greener real estate market by reusing resources.

Partnering with Fenton House Removals on Your Next Development Project

Fenton House Removals provides professional services tailored specifically to developers’ needs. Our team works jointly with developers throughout each step of the process in order to facilitate that all aspects are taken care of quickly and effectively.

Developers don’t have to worry about managing various aspects of their development project when working with Fenton House Removals – from logistics planning to finding new homes for existing structures, Fenton House Removals’ team takes care of it all so that each step goes as smoothly as possible. This makes it easy for developers to stay on top of every aspect without having to worry about juggling multiple tasks at once or relying solely on outside contractors for assistance in the building relocation process.

If you’re a developer looking to start a new development project, you may want to consider selling the existing buildings on the property to Removal Homes rather than demolishing them. This can save you on demolition costs and even allow you to inject more capital into your budget selling these buildings.

For more information and to organise a free site visit, contact Fenton House Removals today!