With building now days and the risks associated with building you hear the phrase “you will need a Geotech report” alot. So, what is a Geotech report and why do we need one? Every building, bridge, dam, pipeline or road is built on dirt or soil (or rock).

Geotechnical engineering is an essential of the building process that focuses on the mechanical properties of soils, and the different methods of  building in, on it, and with soils. The purpose is quite simple, to transfer the loads from the structure (IE removal home), including those from earthquakes, wind or human activities like traffic to the ground in a controlled manner that will last. This is important to make sure the building or particular structure performs as desired, for safe and normal use.”

A Geotechnical Engineer provides investigation and reporting service to assist with the design of the foundations for your building consent approval. The cost generally runs at approx $1800. Contact Haines House Removals for more advice. 0274 599 386.