With New Zealand’s hot property market, homes are often bought as a means to get on the property ladder as opposed to finding your “perfect home”. This is a great idea , after all there are very few investments that not only provide a great return down the road, but also offer you a space to make your own. Because of this, many New Zealanders’ homes are a compromise when compared to their ideal. While this property buying strategy is perfectly viable in the short term, often as time goes by these compromises become more and more apparent. Perhaps you have a growing family and require a bit more elbow room? Or consider yourself quite the socialite but don’t quite have the kitchen or entertainment areas to throw a shin-dig? Or perhaps it is as simple as your house lacks the modern day conveniences that are afforded to different style homes with better layouts, fixtures and character compared to your home.

Once these discrepancies between your current home and dream home make themselves known, you may consider moving to something in alignment with your needs.However for many kiwi’s one of the major reasons they buy a home is due to its location After all, the old real estate saying “location, location, location” was coined for a reason. Many of us chose our home base to be at the center point of our lifestyle. It is located where it is convenient to get the kids to school ourselves to work, and surrounded by a community we feel a part of. Moving may cause more inconvenience to your life than the house itself – uprooting and starting again can be a herculean task.

Not to mention how difficult it can be to buy back into this saturated housing market.

So the next option many people look at is a potential renovation. A renovation project just seems to be in our DNA, and offers the opportunity to reshape and reconfigure your home to your specifications. Renovations allow you to add extensions to your home to increase space, whether that be into the yard, excavating a basement or even adding an additional storey. Renovations also offer the ability to reconfigure your home’s arrangement to take advantage of open plan living. Basically, when it comes to renovations, the possibilities are almost endless. However, major renovations are a pricey affair. A well performed renovation can easily exceed $100,000+, money that you either have to come up with or add to your current mortgage. Add this to a home that is far from your ideal outcome, and the renovation’s complexity increases. It can feel like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

There is a third option that many people overlook – purchasing a different house in order to upgrade your current one. By purchasing a relocatable home, you are able to keep your current location rather than having to uproot your lifestyle and find a new area that suits your lifestyle needs. Fenton House Removals has a huge range of different types of homes for you to choose from. You are bound to find a home that is closer to your dream home, without the need to worry about certain homes being “locked” to certain locations. This can serve as a better template for you if you do choose to renovate, allowing you to upgrade your home with a more efficient, less complex renovation by selecting a home that more accurately fits the layout of what you are after. One of the great things about Removal Homes is we don’t just sell relocatable homes, we also buy them. This means rather than demolishing your old home, you are able to sell it to us and use that capital towards the new home you wish to buy and relocate to your section. Fenton House Removals takes care of all the heavy lifting, from permits and consents, to moving/delivering the homes and project management. With over 30 years experience in moving buildings, Fenton House Removals has all the equipment and expert personnel to ensure that the entire process is seamless. We place the new home on brand new piles, ready for you to move right into your dream home or begin the renovation process. Don’t just put yourself out of pocket to renovate your home, upgrading your home with a new style of house is often a more financially feasible method due to us purchasing the old home. You’ll also be participating in helping grow a more sustainable housing market as your old home may be someone else dream home. For more information on our services, get in contact with Fenton House Removals today!