Fenton House Removals are Auckland’s expert house movers. When people think about relocating a house, they usually think of moving it from one property section to another. This is a great way to easily add value to your land, quickly and efficiently. This allows people Fenton House Removalsto avoid lengthy build times and enjoy their new abode in a fraction of time. The opposite is true too, if a property owner is looking to redevelop their section and build a new home, relocating the existing house is a way to not only participate in sustainable building practises, but profit from the sale of their old home.

But what happens when you love your current home but are not optimising its use? Fenton House Removals is your go-to same site relocation company – a service that offers a wealth of possibilities for maximising profitability, creating a better flow for your section, or creating space for renovations.

What is Lift and Shift?

Lift and shift involves moving home within a section of the property, rather than relocating it to a completely different location. There is a range of different reasons people may opt to do this.

Subdividing Land

New Zealand’s property market has been on a constant rise over the past decade. With the hot market and record-setting house prices, many people that own older, larger sections of land are sitting on a gold mine. However, when the land was plentiful in Aotearoa, many houses were placed on the section with the idea that the section was going to stay as-is. Over the years, it has become apparent that housing is set to densify. This opens these properties up to making room for multiple houses, allowing the owner to capitalise on the housing market. However, in order to maximise the space for housing, sometimes the current placement of the home isn’t adequate. Lift and shift allows you to move the home to a more desirable location on the property to establish optimal property boundaries, allow thought out entrances to each property, as well as take privacy into consideration for your home. This allows you to still take maximum advantage of your section without compromising your living standards in order to redevelop.


Sometimes your home has great bones, but you require a bit more space. If this is the case, you may be considering a home extension as a renovation project. However, often houses are placed close to property lines, limiting where you are able to extend the home. This is particularly problematic if you are looking to extend your living areas or add another room, but the layout of the house does not allow it. By shifting the home, you are able to create the desired space you wish to extend to, rather than only being limited to the areas of your property that have space to extend into.

Adding Another Storey Or Basement

If you’re looking to extend your home upwards rather than outwards, adding another storey is a great option. However, rebuilding a roof can be an expensive process, sometimes it’s easier to just raise the home and construct a level under the existing home. This way you can keep the roof intact and focus on building the ground floor. If you aren’t looking to add an entirely new storey but still after some space, lifting your house creates space to excavate a basement for storage without adding any additional footprint to your home.

Leveling out a Home

Older houses can sometimes sink into their foundations over time, making your home unlevel. Lifting your home allows you to reconstruct these foundations, compact the soil and restore your home. This can act as a preemptive measure before more sinkage causes damage to the property. In some cases, the home may need to be moved onto completely new piles, a service that Fenton House Removals has an excellent reputation for.

I want to Lift my House - what is the process and how much does it cost?

Every lift and shift project is unique. The approach will vary based on a range of different factors such as accessibility to the property, style of the home, the complexity of the job, the density of the soil, and the type of lift and shift job you are after. A full home shift and lift usually requires the home to be separated into 2 or more sections in order to move them without damage. These types of moves usually require a new set of piles to be erected for the home to be moved onto, therefore usually requiring earthworks to be carried out. From here the sections are placed on their brand new piles and joined back together.

For renovation purposes in which the home is purely being lifted to construct underneath it, the process varies significantly from project to project. Because of this, the cost can significantly differ depending on the circumstances. In order to begin to figure out your budget, we highly recommend getting in contact with our team of experts to come to assess your home and provide you with a quote.

Fenton House Removals Are Auckland's Trusted Lift and Shift Movers

With over 30 years of experience relocating and moving houses, Fenton House Removals is synonymous with high-quality, efficient house-moving services. We have the staff and equipment to cover the entire process of lifting and shifting a house, from consultation and planning to moving and project completion. Fenton House Removals can assist in ensuring all permits and consents are applied for to facilitate a smooth and stress-free house move – whether that be to a completely new section, or our lift and shift services within a section. So get in contact with the team at Fenton House Removals today and book an assessment for your home relocation project.

Trust The Experts At Fenton House Removals

Fenton House Removals has over 30 years of experience buying, selling, and relocating homes. We look after the entire process, starting from the initial consultation all the way through to placing homes on their new piles in their new location. If you’re considering selling your home for relocation, get in contact with our knowledgeable team. Our sales staff and assessors can look over your home and figure out a fair valuation that is sure to work for you. If you are after any more information, feel free to give us a call on  09 416 7026 or email us at sales@removalhomes.co.nz